last changeWed, 4 May 2011 09:02:59 +0000 (17:02 +0800)
2011-05-04 Jeremy ChangSave Dashboard format result file to LAVA result directory master
2011-05-04 Jeremy ChangLinaro Dashboard Bundle format supported
2011-05-04 Jeremy ChangRename getBenchmark function to getResultOutput
2011-05-04 Jeremy ChangFix the intent coding style.
2011-03-24 Jeremy ChangEnable the report of libMicro
2011-03-24 Jeremy ChangFix the stdout and stderr appending issue.
2011-03-24 Jeremy ChangEnable the report of Unix Bench
2011-01-25 Jeremy ChangAdd certain control options for being started by am
2011-01-20 Jeremy ChangFix big.c build error for compiler 4.4.3
2011-01-20 Jeremy ChangSupport to be built with gingerbread
2011-01-07 Jeremy ChangSupport different orientation mode
2010-12-15 Jeremy ChangFix average precision
2010-12-05 Jeremy ChangTrim tail of the benchmark page name.
2010-12-04 Jeremy ChangAdjust the sequence of the checkboxes.
2010-11-29 Jeremy ChangAdd 0xbench's versionCode and versionName in upload...
2010-11-11 Jeremy ChangDisable upload button when report is null
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