last changeThu, 27 Oct 2011 13:26:28 +0000 (21:26 +0800)
2011-10-27 Joseph Chang... Add CHANGELOG file. master
2011-10-27 Joseph Chang... The key for release to market has been expired. Needs... RELEASE-1.1.5
2011-10-21 Joseph Chang... Release to market as 1.1.5, version code 9.
2011-10-21 Joseph Chang... Add support for uploading SunSpider results to 0xBenchWeb.
2011-10-21 Joseph Chang... Change match_parent to fill_parent in layout to compile...
2011-10-21 Joseph Chang... Upgrade build.xml to newer version of SDK tools.
2011-08-03 Julian_ChuRevert "Math -> Misc" and add Tab Misc
2011-07-27 Julian_ChuAdd Case and Tester of Javascript
2011-07-27 Julian_ChuModify SunSpider to make it running under Android
2011-07-27 Julian_ChuAdd sunspider benchmark contents
2011-07-27 Julian_ChuAdd original files form external/Webkit
2011-07-27 Julian_ChuMath -> Misc
2011-07-16 Jim HuangFix trivial syntax failure
2011-07-16 Jim HuangTrivial syntax tweaks
2011-07-15 Jim HuangAdd Apache License notice
2011-07-15 Jim HuangUnify copyright notice and formatting
6 years ago RELEASE-1.1.5
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