Allow selection of Misc category tests
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2013-04-10 Mickael GueneAllow selection of Misc category tests master
2012-05-22 Bernhard RosenkraenzerMerge "Add the condition check to avoid NULL pointer...
2012-05-15 Joseph Chang (bz)Add the condition check to avoid NULL pointer.
2012-03-08 Jim HuangMerge branch 'HEAD', remote-tracking branch 'linaro...
2012-02-10 Tony Mansson0xBenchmark: Stop using fork() in native benchmarks.
2011-10-27 Joseph Chang (bz)The key for release to market has been expired. Needs... RELEASE-1.1.5
2011-10-21 Joseph Chang (bz)Release to market as 1.1.5, version code 9.
2011-10-21 Joseph Chang (bz)Add support for uploading SunSpider results to 0xBenchWeb.
2011-08-03 Julian_ChuRevert "Math -> Misc" and add Tab Misc
2011-07-27 Julian_ChuAdd Case and Tester of Javascript
2011-07-27 Julian_ChuMath -> Misc
2011-07-16 Jim HuangFix trivial syntax failure
2011-07-16 Jim HuangTrivial syntax tweaks
2011-07-15 Jim HuangUnify copyright notice and formatting
2011-07-15 Julian_ChuBenchmark: using customize path to store report
2011-07-15 Julian_ChuAdd Activity Settings
2011-07-15 Julian_ChuAdd BenchUtil
2011-07-15 Julian_ChuAdd org.zeroxlab.utils.Util
2011-07-13 Julian_ChuBenchmark do not swallow every events.
2011-07-13 Julian_ChuRe-order imported classes in Benchmark
2011-07-13 Julian_ChuUpgrade license declaration and author
2011-05-04 Jeremy ChangSave Dashboard format result file to LAVA result directory
2011-05-04 Jeremy ChangLinaro Dashboard Bundle format supported
2011-05-04 Jeremy ChangRename getBenchmark function to getResultOutput
2011-05-04 Jeremy ChangFix the intent coding style.
2011-03-24 Jeremy ChangEnable the report of libMicro
2011-03-24 Jeremy ChangFix the stdout and stderr appending issue.
2011-03-24 Jeremy ChangEnable the report of Unix Bench
2011-01-25 Jeremy ChangAdd certain control options for being started by am
2011-01-07 Jeremy ChangSupport different orientation mode
2010-12-15 Jeremy ChangFix average precision
2010-12-05 Jeremy ChangTrim tail of the benchmark page name.
2010-12-04 Jeremy ChangAdjust the sequence of the checkboxes.
2010-11-29 Jeremy ChangAdd 0xbench's versionCode and versionName in upload...
2010-11-11 Jeremy ChangDisable upload button when report is null
2010-09-28 Joseph Chang (bizkit)Add webview to track by analytics
2010-09-03 Joseph Chang (bizkit)Add icons in tab, upload to market as v1.1.0
2010-09-03 Joseph Chang (bizkit)Change main view to tabbed UI
2010-09-02 Joseph Chang (bizkit)Re-order benchmarks in main view
2010-09-02 Joseph Chang (bizkit)Make 2D benches harder to avoid reaching 60fps vsync...
2010-09-02 Joseph Chang (bizkit)Update copy right notice
2010-09-02 Joseph Chang (bizkit)Add 2D benchmark DrawImage
2010-09-02 Joseph Chang (bizkit)Add 2D benchmark DrawCircle2
2010-09-01 Joseph Chang (bizkit)Improve descriptions on newly added cases
2010-09-01 Joseph Chang (bizkit)Add 2D benchmark DrawText
2010-09-01 Joseph Chang (bizkit)Add 2D benchmark DrawArc
2010-09-01 Joseph Chang (bizkit)Code clean up
2010-09-01 Joseph Chang (bizkit)Add 2D benchmark DrawRect
2010-08-27 Joseph Chang (bizkit)Add more test cases (commands) to byte unix
2010-08-26 Joseph Chang (bizkit)Add support for BYTE UNIX benchmarks.
2010-08-25 Joseph Chang (bizkit)Add Case and Tester for ByteUnix benchmarks
2010-08-19 Joseph Chang (bizkit)Remove deprecated activity in Manifest. Remove unneeded...
2010-08-18 Joseph Chang (bizkit)Improve layout on smaller screens
2010-08-18 Joseph Chang (bizkit)Initial release (v1.0.1)