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2012-05-22 Bernhard RosenkraenzerMerge "Add the condition check to avoid NULL pointer...
2012-05-21 Bernhard Rosenkraenzer0xbench: Remove -O2 hardcode
2011-12-15 Bernhard RosenkraenzerFix various aliasing violations
2011-12-15 Bernhard Rosenkraenzerunixbench-5.1.2: Fix printf vs. fprintf confusion
2011-01-20 Jeremy ChangFix big.c build error for compiler 4.4.3
2011-01-20 Jeremy ChangSupport to be built with gingerbread
2010-08-27 Joseph Chang (bizkit)Iozone porting.
2010-08-27 Joseph Chang (bizkit)Adds iozone source code to native, create
2010-08-26 Joseph Chang (bizkit)Add support for BYTE UNIX benchmarks.
2010-08-20 Joseph Chang (bizkit)Fix executable path in execl of ubench
2010-08-20 Joseph Chang (bizkit)Adds report results (to Java) via socket in ubench
2010-08-20 Joseph Chang (bizkit)Add timer in benchmarks (originally timed in perl script)
2010-08-20 Joseph Chang (bizkit)Add duration check in wake_me()
2010-08-20 Joseph Chang (bizkit)Create android makefiles for ubench. alarm() seems...
2010-08-20 Joseph Chang (bizkit)Add external benchmark `unixbench`, not ported yet.
2010-08-19 Joseph Chang (bizkit)Add support for NDK, remove native examples.
2010-08-18 Joseph Chang (bizkit)Initial release (v1.0.1)